“I’m delighted with my son’s progress this year; he has shown interest and independence which sets him in a great position for secondary school.”

Parent View

As you know we regularly seek the views of parents/carers about many aspects of Cleves life. There is an online questionnaire called Parent View that parents and carers can use to give their views about school at any time of the school year. This can be accessed via http://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk - you simply need to register by entering your email address, following a short registration process, and creating a password.  Once your login has been activated it only takes a few minutes to choose an answer to 12 short questions about the school, such as how well we deal with bullying, the quality of teaching, whether the level of homework given to your child is appropriate, and whether you would recommend the school to other parents. The responses to these questions will allow us to identify trends and evaluate what we do at Cleves and make appropriate changes where necessary.

Parent View has replaced the paper questionnaire that Ofsted inspectors used to circulate at the time of a school inspection to gather parents'  views. The responses made are also looked at by all members of the school community including prospective parents to the school. You can give your opinion at any time during the school year, and the facility will overwrite any previous response so that only one 'view' for each parent, per school, is held.

If you are in any way unhappy with the school or have suggestions on how we can improve we would be really interested in meeting with you and discussing this further. Please contact Reception so that your query or concern can be addressed.

Learning Together