“Our child has grown and developed and enjoyed the huge range of opportunities that have been available.”


At Cleves, the French curriculum has been designed with the aim to provide children with the basic vocabulary to converse confidently in French on a range of topics relevant to their age and interests so that they can understand and be understood by French people. We also aim to teaching our children about other cultures.

We believe that the best way to get children involved in learning a language is to make it fun, and to cater for different learning styles. The majority of each lesson is speaking and listening based - a variety of games and songs are used to make the lessons interactive and to help the children learn the vocabulary or concepts concerned - with reading and writing activities generally in the last third of the lesson to practise and consolidate new vocabulary.

We use a software package called ‘Rigolo’, which includes cartoon and video presentations and a native French speaker to introduce new vocabulary. In addition to this, a range of other resources are used to complement and enrich the National Curriculum approved scheme of work that Rigolo provides.

Year 3 covers the basic topics needed when starting a new language: introductions and personal information, numbers, dates, foods, parts of the body, family and pets. In Year 4, we continue to expand on personal descriptions, learn about giving directions, French festivals, shopping for food and describing the weather. In Year 5, we look at more complex descriptions, use the negative and future tense, while covering the topics of school, holidays, homes and towns. Finally in Year 6, we learn about hobbies, clothing, daily routines, transport and cafes, while covering more complex grammatical points, such as the past tense and the use of conjunctions in writing.

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