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District Sports Champions

Yesterday afternoon saw a very wet annual District Sports competition take place at Stompond Lane in Walton. It was once again a fantastic afternoon of athletics with some outstanding individual performances but most of all a superb team effort. This was the first year that we had entered two teams into the competition, allowing over 100 pupils the opportunity to represent the school. All had been training hard in the lead up to the competition and this hard work and dedication certainly paid off on the day. Saying that though, it was probably the toughest District Sports Competition we had competed in for a number of years with a number of schools competing strongly and in contention for the title. 

I was emailed the results early this morning and I am delighted to announce that Cleves Team 1 finished in first place and Cleves Team 2 in joint 6th. A total of 15 schools took part. An incredible achievement and a very big well done to all the children that took part. As I said to them this morning, it doesn't matter what team you were on, you are all champions.

Thank you to the many parents who supported the event yesterday, either by walking down with the children or cheering them on. Below are the individual results

Year 3 - 2nd overall

  • Boys Sprint 1st and 2nd
  • Boys Jump 2nd and 3rd
  • Boys Throw 1st
  • Girls Jump 2nd
  • Relay 1st and 1st!

Year 4 - 2nd overall

  • Boys 600 metre - 2nd and 5th
  • Boys Sprint - 2nd
  • Boys Jump - Cleves 2 finished 6th 
  • Boys throw - Cleves 2 finished 6th 
  • Girls 600 metre - 2nd
  • Girls spring - 4th
  • Girls throw - 1st
  • Relay 1st and 2nd!

Year 5 - 2nd overall

  • Boys sprint - 3rd
  • Boys 600m - 5th and 3rd
  • Boys jump - 3rd
  • Boys throw - Cleves 2 finished 4th
  • Boys relay - 3rd and 1st
  • Girls sprint - 2nd
  • Girls 600m - 3rd and 4th
  • Girls Long Jump - 5th
  • Girls throw - 1st
  • Girls relay - 1st

Year 6 - 1st overall

  • Boys sprint - 1st and 2nd
  • Boys 600m - 3rd and 3rd
  • Boys long jump - 5th and 3rd
  • Boys throw - 3rd and 4th
  • Boys relay - 1st and 2nd!
  • Girls sprint - 2nd
  • Girls 600m - 1st and 5th
  • Girls long jump - 4th
  • Girls throw - 3rd
  • Girls relay - 1st

Mr Smith

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