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Our Curriculum

We have designed our curriculum around a desire for children to leave Cleves with the knowledge, values and skills to equip them for secondary school and beyond. Our curriculum offer has the National Curriculum 2014 at its core, while personalising content for our children and our locality. Over the past year, we have developed our History, Geography and Science provision further to ensure progression of knowledge and skills through the school and to facilitate children making connections in their learning, both between and across subjects. During this academic year, our focus will move to other foundation subjects.

Curriculum Overviews

Learning at Cleves is organised under broad topic headings while maintaining the integrity of individual subjects. Termly topics are often built around a History or Geography focus; literacy, art and DT can be related to the broader topic whereas other subjects such as Maths, Computing, Science, RE, PSHE, PE and Games, French and Music are largely taught discretely.

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The table below provides links to each year group's Yearly Curriculum Overview of as well as links to individual termly topic maps. These contain more detail about our curriculum provision. 





Year 3

British Isles

Ancient Egypt


Year 4


Ancient Greece

Invaders and Settlers

Year 5




Year 6



Britain in WW2


Cleves Guarantee

We have developed a list of 20 opportunities that Cleves children will have across their 4 years at our school.  This enriches our academic curriculum provision and helps to ensure equality of experience across the school. Please click here for a printable copy.

cleves guarantee

Cleves Activity Passport 

 The Cleves Activity Passport is designed to encourage children to participate in a range of activities at school and at home. Click here to download a printable copy of the whole school version.

 activity passport