School is: open

Staff List

Leadership Team

Chris Hodges  - Headteacher

Craig Smith - Deputy Headteacher

Jo Grafton - SENCO/Head of Inclusion

Emma Turner - Business Manager


Teaching Staff

Year 3

Year Leader - Kelly Harrison 3H     

Laura Courtney 3C

Alex Mulea 3M

Alice Pisano 3P

Kirsty Marsh 3R

Sarah Miller 3MB

Alex Batchelor 3MB


 Year 4

Year Leader - Matt Woods 4W           

Jenni Herriott 4AM (Mon-Wed)

Sophie Matthews 4AM (Thu-Fri)

Debs Flaxman 4F - Phase Leader Lower School

Bryony Hall 4H

Charlie Jerrard 4J

Martine Shelver 4S

Linda Tao


Year 5

Year Leader - Sasha Bye 5B                 

Jess Arpesella 5A

Kirsty Hamilton 5H (Maternity Leave)

Rebecca Simmons 5H

Hayley Andrews 5HA

Daniel Kilford 5K

Hugh Thomas 5T


Year 6

Year Leader - Alistair Nelson 6N    

Rebecca Flaherty 6F - Phase Leader Upper School

Scarlett Forbes 6SF

Sarah Gaywood 6GL

Karen Lintin 6GL

Ian Russ 6R

Gemma Smith 6S


Specialist Teachers

French - Alison Dabell                      

Literacy - Elizabeth Earl

Music - Johnny Kilhams

Sports Coach/ Mentor - Neil Keirs


Admin Staff

Jill Kent - School Secretary                   

Denise Williams - School Secretary

Debbie Stephenson - School Secretary

Maria Lockyer - School Secretary

Gemma Clarke - Welfare Officer

Sue Thomson - Finance Officer

Lynne Read - Finance Officer

Linda Cassidy - Trips Administrator & Learning Support Assistant

Charli Skinner - Lower School Admin Assistant (Mon/Tue)

Anna Stratford - Lower School Admin Assistant (Wed-Fri)

Wendy Mitchell - Upper School Admin Assistant


Special Needs/Learning Development (LD)

Jo Grafton (SENCO/Head of Inclusion)

Hannah Jones (LD Adminstrator/Physiotherapist)

Polly Tope (LD Teacher)


Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Jayne Henderson                                           

Lindsey Bennett

Vicci Earl

Shirley Farshadfar

Sarah Green


Learning Support Assistants

Wendy Egan                                            

Sandra Morris

Sam Nolan

Gilly Smith

Linda Strange

Louise Whitelock

Nicola Tewkesbury

Maggie Bone

Natalie Holland

Ellie Fielding

Aisling Culliton

Brogan Ritchie

Natalie Holland

Amanda Tomlinson

Lucinda Smith